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Jonathan and Yvette Boatwright, co-owners of Realty Austin, have instilled in their company a culture of giving. Together with their agents, they are truly helping Austin Habitat to fulfill our mission of building homes, communities and hope.

Last year, Realty Austin and their agents raised over $65,000 and partnered with Austin Habitat to build a home for Carmen Toungate. After working alongside the future homeowner for eight weeks sharing blood, sweat, and sometimes tears, their passion to help others achieve their dreams is now stronger than ever. This year, Realty Austin will again match contributions from their agents to collectively raise $75,000 to build another home. This year, Realty Austin will be building a home for the Beriji Family. Read more about the Beriji's here.

Austin Habitat is grateful to Realty Austin for their leadership and support of affordable homeownership opportunities in Austin!